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Republic Offices: from office complex to Business Community

Arc Real Estate Partners & D/DOCK redevelop office complex to ‘Republic Offices’

At the A12 in Utrecht Arc Real Estate Partners and D/DOCK are transforming an existing office complex into a business community. The industry for office spaces has radically changed over de last five years. The modern office space inspires, gives energy, empowers community meetings and connects organizations, groups and departments. With this community-approach, the area will be ready for the future.

It entails 7 towers which combine 45.000 m2. By acknowledging hidden features and through smart structural interventions, the area will be prepared for the current industry of workspaces and their users.

D/DOCK combines her experience on development, architecture and interior design to make ‘Republic Offices’ the leading example of a place which employers want to rent – and where employees like to be. Part of the lower layers will become restaurants with extended coworking facilities. The concrete outside area will get the feeling of a park, inspired by the New York Highline. The sculpturally designed stairs and ramps encourage a direct flow between park and the water of the Merwede-canal. In the park all structural and technical facilities are ready for foodtrucks, so it will be easy to organize events. It’s quite unique to integrate these different functionalities, the connections between all aspects and the flexibility for hybrid usage make sure it’s ready for the future users.

D/DOCK has an inclusive vision on the future of workspaces and this new ‘Republic Offices’-concept finds its base in this forward vision. Companies used to protect and close off their complexes for a long time, but since a few years this is now radically changing. A lot of organizations are willing to open up to the world, to start different collaborations and to create a transparent company culture. New workspaces will be more collaborative places where people meet eachother. People do not háve to go to the office, they wánt to go to the office.

More information on the website of Republic Offices

The landscape is designed by BuroBol, Sweco is responsible for the structural adjustments. The project will be realized by the construction team Tetris, Grijsen, Zoontjens and Biltz. Redevelopment is in the hands of FPW for marketing and Lexence for legal advice.

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Ddock Render Republic Offices1
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