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The new Microsoft Netherlands: almost ready to be revealed

Our client Microsoft Netherlands took an unconventional step by closing their offices in The Outlook (Amsterdam Schiphol) for more than ten weeks so it could be rebuild from top to bottom. The employees experienced this period as an intensive but a positive opportunity for an organizational refresh, to re-establish their community rituals and to become more creative in their daily work processes. By living their own (digital) transformation they drive towards more relevant conversations with their customers. They wanted to empower their employees to enable digital success for their customers, making them grow faster.

Now the team can fianlly be together again in the new office, which also will be open to an increasingly curious public.

D/DOCK created a community environment for the Microsoft organization, its partners, its customers and the greater Schiphol area. The whole new Office now is one Customer Experience Center. They increased customer space from 31% to 72% which means an increase of 41% dedicated customer space. Also, from the original owned area, almost half of it is now rented by Spaces, the renowned co-working company.

Spaces and Microsoft invite all start-ups, scale-ups and corporates to join the concept Tomorrow. Today. and be part of an energetic community. They team up to bring worlds together and create a new one. A world of collaboration, open for everyone, enabling everyone to fully utilize the real potential of co creation and networking with customers, partners and all. A world that accelerates innovation towards successful services and solutions. A world where ideas come to life.

The whole office includes a restaurant, café, auditoriums, co-working areas for partners and customers, state of the art meeting facilities, a Customer Experience Center and an education area.

In our design for all areas we took the challenge of merging Technology and Human Wellbeing by creating a meaningful and intuitive approach in a natural, soft and very divers context which talks about the identity and legacy of Microsoft, its people, its partners and their customers.

Look at these renders:

11102018dd Msft Cyber Render S

11102018dd Msft Envisioning Render