Homemakeover Famdraaijer
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Support for our friends

In May 2020 we’ve lost our beloved friend, father and colleague Peter Draaijer, we are still remembering him.

We decided to support our close friends of the Family Draaijer (Debbie, Niels & Noortje), and you can support them as well.

With our Giro Di Dock-tour we had fun, but we also raised awareness for this support: how could we help them? How could you help them?

So we are going to arrange a warm and beautiful home-make-over. Debbie, Noortje and Niels told us they did not really feel at home in their house….Lucky us! We love to make people feel at home! 

We have also seen that Peter had many friends in the field that approached us about how they could help out. You can: in product, in service or in funds. All help is appreciated.

Donate here: GoFundMe-website.

Thanks for your contribution, with all our ❤️

For more information contact Merel via +31- (0)20-4201332 or