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Team up for Giro Di Dock!

We’re going to race our bikes, join forces, drip in sweat, eat 1000 bananas and oh yeah, smile 😅

During lockdown we missed our colleagues quite a lot. Some D/DOCKers soon took their racing bikes and would pass by other colleagues houses, to have a chat (1,5meter apart ofcourse), a coffee or a beer. It turned out to be a great experience! It really helped our team spirit so much just seeing each other.

Before Corona-times we already did several sport activities, from weekly kickboxing to running and spinning. Some us of nearly dropped dead during a Triathlon. The Mudmasters turned out to be easy in comparison and we started training to participate in the Ronald McDonald Run 2020 as well (which has been canceled unfortunately).

So how could we continue to build our teamspirit these days?

Hereby we launch the GIRO DI DOCK:

2 days
15 participants
15 bikes
1000 bananas
231 kilometres
100 beers
0 flat tires 🤞🏽

We’re going to cycle with the team for two full days. We start at our office in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat and then tour around the middle regions of Holland to pass by as many colleagues-houses as possible. We’re going to enjoy the ride, the beautiful Dutch landscape and the hospitality of our colleagues. Of course we’ll stay outside to keep the distance, so let’s pray for some sun!

With this first ever Giro Di Dock, we want to draw attention and give back as part of a more personal project. D/DOCK is giving a special ‘make-over’ of a house belonging to our dear friends. This lovely family deserves some D/DOCK support and we are asking our close suppliers to gift an item as part of this make- over project. If you participate, we’ll mention your company-name as a sponsor of the Giro Di Dock.

Start 18-9 in the morning. End 19-9 in the evening. Follow our social channels for a live report!