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Tech startup MEOW goes national

After a successful pilot in Amsterdam, tech startup MEOW (My Extraordinary Workspace) is going nationwide as of today. A selection of premium hotels in The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Maastricht will be available as of this month. International rollout to London, New York and Shanghai is expected end of 2020.

MEOW is an app that offers workspace in premium hotels. For the daily flat rate of €15 (incl. VAT), professionals can book a coworking seat in the common area’s of hotels and enjoy their extraordinary facilities and hospitality. Private rooms can also be booked for day use at a flexible rate.

Because of the extraordinary hotels that have joined the platform and the easy on-demand booking system, users are completely free to choose how, when and where they prefer to work. Exclusive Amsterdam five star hotels such as InterContinental Amstel Hotel, De L’Europe Amsterdam, Conservatorium Hotel, Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, W Amsterdam, Pestana, Pulitzer Amsterdam and Hotel Okura Amsterdam have joined MEOW. In the months ahead, the platform will expand even further with other hotels that comply with the strict selection criteria of the platform.

MEOW is initiated by D/DOCK. “At this time, we see a clear turning point in the way we work”, states Thomas van Leeuwen, partner of D/DOCK and founder of MEOW. “Long before Covid-19 we noticed a change in the usage of hotels and offices. You can work everywhere and always. Offices are therefore much more about flexibility and hospitality. Hotels are looking for alternative sources of income and are increasingly being used as workspace. Covid-19 has accelerated these developments.”

These are the six ongoing global changes that we identified as trend accelerators:

Increased need for flexibility – Due to uncertainties and accelerated technological innovations, we prefer to decide per day where and how to work, instead of a 5 to 10 year lease agreement.

The rise of “blending” – The willingness to share space creates the opportunity to make better use of our buildings by combining industries, of which hybrid hospitality is a key example.

Reduce the need to travel – To gain time and avoid crowded places, we prefer to work and meet local while intensifying the use of videocalls.

Work from home – Work from home has a lot of benefits, but more and more we are encountering the downsides of working from home.

The new work-life balance – For most people, 9 to 5 belongs to the past. We are looking for other ways to keep a clear mind. One of the examples is ‘bleisure’: relaxing not after or before, but during the workday.

The future of hotels – Traditionally hotels are used for bed and breakfast. But nowadays, hotels become an extension of the city including features such as extended stay, signature bars, shops and workspace.

Article about the founders of MEOW

MEOW stands for My Extraordinary Workspace –

The app can be downloaded via de App Store and Google Play:
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