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ABN AMRO: The story of our furniture and materials

Together we created a complete circular interior for the team of ABN AMRO Insurances in Zwolle.

The cooperating partners added ‘natural warmth’ in every floor of ABN AMRO Insurances, within this sustainable concept.

End of 2016 D/DOCK received the assignment to develop new office spaces on seven floors of ABN AMRO Insurances in the IJsseltower in Zwolle. In this new look&feel the employees collaborate easily, they will have more spontaneous interactions and they will feel more energized during their work day. Together with a team from ABN AMRO we formulated a concept around ‘circularity’.

Circularity in collaboration
This concept is about working together: the involved parties collaborate from the very first beginning until the result. Next to that, the concept provides several possibilities for the people who will work there, to interact more easily. It’s also about circular usage of materials. ABN AMRO Insurances and D/DOCK stand together for this affirmation of sustainable reuse of as many existing materials as possible. For the new materials we only select sustainable methods and we work with as much Dutch suppliers as possible.

Our designers enthousiastically started developing a friendly and sustainable concept which turns out great. Besides, quite easily we found the right partners to work with, who totally supported the concept.

From business space to living room and back on one floor
On the floor we created flexible ‘teamzones’ of different sizes, each accommodated with scrum-spots, flex-spots and concentration-spots. The living rooms with a pantry function as an informal place to interact or work. These rooms are separated by a so called ‘silence chamber’. Here you experience muting of sound and light. Unconscious you become more at ease while walking through and you can easily adjust your mindset to the situation you are going to. In this chamber, we make use of recycled plastic bottles in the walls.


For 90% the existing furniture received a new look. We used old privacy-screens for the plant trays, the complete ceiling is reused and the duo-desks are covered with a new more natural look coating. The old floor covering is recycled, for the new floors we found a nice cradle-to-cradle version.

Natural feeling in patterns
Clear straight lines and organic graphical patterns form the basis of our design. One sees these repeatedly coming back on the floor, lines of the ceiling and the building, more natural forms on the walls and playful blocks in the tapestry. To add to the natural feeling, we use air-purifying plants. As much as possible we apply sustainable print techniques and on some spots the pattern is even carved in hardboard.

D/DOCK stands for ‘co-creation and collaboration’. Together with our client, interior builders, designers and suppliers we succeed to develop the best concept, plan and final results. For this project we gathered a great list of partners, like:

Furnify: 90% of the existing furniture is reused: sprayed with sustainable products, or cut in different shapes and placed back again. Want to know more about Furnify’s contribution?
• Intos – interieur works
• Boermans – W&E installations
• Qbic – installing system walls
• Mirato – upholstery
• COMCreative – graphics

Every four weeks we delivered a floor. End of 2018 we delivered all floors. Jaap van der Meulen (Project Lead ABN AMRO Insurances) says: “Flexibility in our daily jobs is a concept which already is being applied in our organization, but now we finally have an interior which brings our flexible work environment to a higher level. An open surrounding with a lot of light, plants and better acoustics contribute to our employees working better. We of course have to get used to our new spaces to find out which activities fit best where.”