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Welcome back to this home to the lover of the true and beautiful

This is Hotel De L’Europe. A renowned luxury destination which has a rich history in the city of Amsterdam. This beautiful iconic building started a new chapter a year ago, by transforming the interior into fresh and elegant spaces, within the classical character of De L’Europe.

It’s been an honest and great collaboration between Hotel De L’Europe, design studio Nicemakers and D/DOCK.

Let’s introduce the three organizations:

Joyce Urbanus – Nicemakers: “The renovation of this iconic hotel is a special moment for us. We received a lot of confidence and freedom from De L’Europe for this wonderful project, and the collaboration with D/DOCK was extremely special. They have been able to realize our ideas to the beautiful result that is now visible. We have immersed ourselves in the rich history of the hotel to make both existing and new guests feel welcome. We invite everyone to come and discover this special place with its new destinations…”

Coen van Dijck – D/DOCK: “Hotel De L’Europe, its image, its position and its size has a huge impact in rebalancing Amsterdam. In this collaboration we could have a joint and open vision to the positioning of the hotel and shape the design around this vision.”
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Edward Leenders, General Manager – Hotel De L’Europe, about the re-opening: “After a renovation of a year, we are very happy and proud we can finally show the results to our city of Amsterdam. The lobby and restaurants on the ground floor have a complete new interior. The result is warm with finesse and we were able to keep the typical atmosphere of De L’Europe. We’ve created a more homey feel in the hotel, which also relates better to the style of the iconic Amsterdam Canal houses.”

Understanding hospitality
While the first series of meeting sessions between all parties had not even finished, constructors already started breaking down the walls. The transformation of the hotel has been overhauled in a tremendous pace of 9 months in total, which is quite an achievement considering the complexity of design, logistical challenges and operational continuation. This was pre-Covid19, so the hotel still hosted guests in the other spaces. Transforming a hotel is not a linear process, neither can one postpone deadlines. Flexibility, understanding hospitality, and resilience are key to naturally migrate the hotel in sections to the new look and to make sure everything goes according schedule without disturbing the guests and operation. Coen van Dijck: “Our great collaboration did not stop when Covid19 hit the world. It made execution slightly easier though when the hotel closed down during the break, our collaboration actually evolved. More news about this soon.”

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D/DOCK applied the imagination of Nicemakers’ creative minds and developed the project until completion in May 2020.

Special mention: also open to flexworkers
Hotel De L’Europe is participating in the MEOW-collective. MEOW is a platform that connects freelancers, remote workers and digital nomads with premium hotels. For the participating hotels it means more liveliness in and around the hotel and more connection with the local community. More information

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