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We’re going Beyond Our Office – new address

Always on the lookout for new spaces, we encountered this old warehouse on the Danzigerbocht in the Houthavens in Amsterdam. During the Covid19-crisis, our plans to raise the bar on rethinking the way we live, work and educate, accelerated.

So we left our studio at the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 36 behind, after 13 great years.

We are starting our adventures in DB55.
Here we create space for change.

We are ready to launch, but the world isn’t yet….
You must be curious…Because of the current Corona-regulations, please let us know via if you want to pass by so we can make an appointment.

New address:

D/DOCK, Furnify, Nachtlab

Danzigerbocht 55

1013 AM Amsterdam

Phonenumber, website and email remain the same

+31 (0)20 420 13 32