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When architecture and interior design become a stage…

A peculiar merger between two companies in Amsterdam this month, January 2021: the architecture and spatial design firm D/DOCK takes a share in the experience design company Nachtlab Agency. Nachtlab Agency is well known for the creation of memorable moments and shows for brands, events, and destinations worldwide.

Why would an architect invest in an experiential company at the moment of a global pandemic?

Coen van Dijck, CEO D/DOCK: “With Nachtlab Agency we have found the right match to activate our designs with the utmost blend of personalized activities. Life is a celebration and we should be using our buildings and surroundings as a stage.
Their contribution is a guarantee for a sustainable completion and programming for our well thought, meaningful, and purposefully designed concepts. In cooperation with Nachtlab Agency, we are well equipped for the upcoming transformational times. We foresee a need for small personalized events. A perfect base for our blending concept and the experiential design of Nachtlab Agency.”

Sylvester Lindemulder, CEO Nachtlab Agency: “A much-loved quote of Shakespeare: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” But if so, what then is the play about? We live at a moment in time that cries for a deeper connection with each other, with our planet, and with our inner being. All of us need to rethink the way we live. This is the play of our time. Nachtlab Agency has always sought to understand what it truly means to connect people. This urge to create meaningful moments pushed us to look beyond the traditional event stage. To bring our experiential knowledge to architecture, destinations, and landscapes. I find it incredibly exciting to see where this unique collaboration will take us.”

D/DOCK x Nachtlab – our first collaborative projects:

Regenerative festival design: Aardrijk
Time to rethink the way we live, eat and farm. With this brand new project, ‘Aardrijk’ Nachtlab Agency is partnering with ReDock to improve biodiversity, soil quality, and the way of living & farming on a unique location in The Netherlands. ‘Aardrijk’ is about ‘soil’ and ‘richness’, it’s a composition of nature and togetherness. Soon we’ll unveil this first beautiful plot where we will organize a festival-pilot to bring enough people-power to the farm to get things done, like fixing fences and planting trees, short term and longterm. Keep following Nachtlab Agency & ReDock for more news!

Regenerative festival design: 4 camps in the North of Holland
For the so-called Re-Generation, Nachtlab Agency is working on a four-weekender festival program. It welcomes people of all ages who share a common interest in renewable resources, recycling and other means of sustaining the earth’s natural environment. Especially the multi-age target group will be a unique feature for the reinvention of the festivals.

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ABNAMRO workplace
In collaboration with Edge Technologies D/DOCK designs a new 98.000 m2 home-base for ABNAMRO in Amsterdam. The current pandemic marks the end of the traditional office, so now is the time to rethink the work environment. Nachtlab will design the employee experience, programming and transformational events. Read more about beyond the office.

‘t Huys / Hotel De L’ Europe
In September 2021 creative hub ‘t Huys (part of Hotel De L’Europe Amsterdam) will launch a performing arts series with dance, music, literature and theatre in an intimate setting, powered by Nachtlab. These events will take place in the different spaces of ‘t Huys, where local icons, hotel guests and city locals come together under one roof; a place for kinship and connection.
Read more about ‘t Huys

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Impact Development concept in Puerto Rico
A former military base in Puerto Rico will be redeveloped into a sustainable hotel/resort. It consists of around 750 military homes which will be remodeled and put back in all their glory. In close collaboration with Nachtlab Agency, D/DOCK’s Impact Development team is working on creating a sustainable environment for future inhabitants. We are defining shared spaces and discussing open/closed buildings that are steady enough to be resilient in hurricane-season. Soon more details.

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Puertorico Impact Development


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