Spiritual journey of the fool: Aesthetics of Uncertainty

Our research phase made clear: we live in times of extreme uncertainty and instability. Globalisation rapidly drives technological development. Humanity faces environmental crises, pandemics, wars and human rights issues. Together these elements characterise the époque that we live in as an era of historical turmoil. 
In contrast to the development of trends and style in previous decades, this era is characterised by a loss of reference points, making it complex to identify a clear aesthetic style. Often, when people lose their reference points and grip in life, they search for non-rational methods and tools.

‘The great adventure of self-discovery’

We offer a lecture and tarot card workshop for everyone searching for ways to explore the inner-self and go on an introspective journey towards future aesthetics, styles and trends. Therefore, we designed a tarot card deck as a profound system for asking the spiritual realm for answers to questions.

Tarot cards are known as a deep spiritual knowledge system. The cards don’t give you answers but show you the way where to find them. This workshop opens the imaginary doors to that knowledge.



Introduction & Exercise 1
30 minutes — Every participant receives one deck of our specially designed tarot cards. We ask everyone to choose one card from the deck instinctively and do an exercise, even before knowing its meaning.

‘What are you (the fool) looking for’

90 minutes — During our lecture, we deep dive into the secrets of our unstable present to get a better grip on our unpredictable future. Through a wide range of visual references, we address different design approaches and aesthetic languages related to each of our tarot cards.

Tarot Card Reading & Exercise 2
90 minutes — To create a personal bond between each participant and the cards, the session includes an individual card reading by a medium. We invite participants to do another exercise with their internalization of the experience.

‘Look at your past / Dream your future’

30 minutes — The Aesthetics of Uncertainty workshop comes to an end with a final gathering for sharing reflections and confrontations.

Style Direction Campaign Aou


The total cost of our Aesthetics of Uncertainty workshop is € 350 per person (excluding VAT). The creative and spiritual session includes:

✔️ 4 hour workshop

✔️ 2+ of our specialists

✔️ Personal deck of tarot cards

✔️ Necessary materials and tools

✔️ 5—20 participants per group


Schola is the educational program of D/DOCK. As a creative studio, we believe that we should make a radical impact on the world around us by means of our creative integrity and entrepreneurial spirit.