VUmc Silence Room Amsterdam

Aesthetics of silence

The design of the VUmc Silence Room is inspired by childhood memories. Creative Director Francesco Messori made a journey through time and imagined himself being in his homeland Italy. “As a little child, I used to accompany my father to church. We always sat at the back, close to the choir, which made me feel safe and protected. That feeling was exactly what I wanted to accommodate in this design; a space that embraces you.”

This principle is incorporated in the design of the wooden niches in the silence room. The niches enclose the body like a second skin, making you feel safe and secured. The use of natural materials like wood and stone contribute to this feeling. Remarkable is that the stone objects are created by an innovative 3D-printing technique.

The lighting in the space is striking. Dark alternates with light, which invites people to come in. The warm light comforts and creates a sense of security. We managed to create a space where all religions meet by implementing classical archetypes stemming from different religions. “A space where patients and visitors can reflect on their day-to-day life, regardless their religion and background,” says Francesco Messori.

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