D/DOCK is a spatial and conceptual design community that creates honest, beautiful and effective spaces with enduring value that deeply inspire, based on in-depth research and skillful design.

Since our founding in 2004, our clients have felt the rejuvenating power of smart and surprising ideas based on D/DOCK’s genuine curiosity about people and environments, which contribute shaping our planets future.

What do we do?

With our international setup, our pioneering work for top organizations leads to resilient spaces, improved functionality, organizational flow, use & efficiency and improved business cases to our clients. We are active in the field of work environments, healthcare facilities, schools, retail, hospitality and more. We offer a full integrated service portfolio of design, architecture, engineering, graphic design, product design, development services and design & build. And when our clients need fresh ideas and visionary thinking, we welcome them to our studio.

How do we work?

Using our solid and smart methodologies – Healing Environments, Healing Offices, Circular Schools and Business Communities – we work with our multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate with our clients, turning complex requirements into positive environments. 

In our work, creativity is leading, supported by research, environmental psychology and skillful design. So we thoroughly understand how spaces are used and the role they play in people’s behavior and wellbeing. Our work never stops. And if the right solution is not out there yet, we’ll invent it!



ReDock is a collaboration between companies and designers with the common goal to create a model of living, working and learning that is an example of how we need to live to create and sustain a healthy planet for the years to come. The desired outcome is a variety of ReDock-villages across the globe that demonstrate how a balanced and sustainable world can actually become reality. www.redock.org


FURNIFY connects two worlds

As an unique organization, Furnify connects the increasing requests for second life furniture to the current offering of used interiors. Furnify is taking this lead now for years, because in stead of burdening the world with the production of new furniture, Furnify makes use of extising furniture. www.furnify.nl