We are D/DOCK

As a creative studio of thought leaders and design pioneers, we are dedicated to radically impacting the world around us. Leading with creative integrity and entrepreneurial spirit, we create meaningful spaces and moments.

Always challenging dogmas, our work goes beyond functionality and aesthetics. Applied imagination is leading, supported by research, environmental psychology and thoughtful design.

We create solutions for the reality of today and the future of tomorrow.

This is our vision

These seven principles guide us every day. They are at the heart of everything we do and every decision that we make. This vision is our aspiration for the future.

Balance social, environmental and economic return

Shape the sharing economy

Focus on value creation not profit maximization

Regenerate people and planet

Drive circular and local production

Cultivate communities and network organizations

Foster meaningful and spiritual connections

Find us here

Our international team is based at DB55, a blended venue, located in the Amsterdam Houthavens, where innovation, education, sports, health, art and leisure come together.

Danzigerbocht 55, 1013 AM Amsterdam

Part of D/DOCK

We are a network organisation of companies with a shared purpose, vision and thriving company culture. Each of our pioneering subsidiaries have their own services, focus and specialised team.

Working closely together as a collective, makes us big enough to cope and small enough to care.

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Partner / CEO

Coen van Dijck