We are a full service creative studio that creates meaningful spaces and moments, taking our clients on a journey that we call applied imagination.

We are dedicated to creating spaces that not only serve functional needs but also foster a sense of community, minimise environmental impact, and ensure economic viability. Through this holistic approach we create solutions for the reality of today and the future of tomorrow.


With a sincere curiosity for people and their surroundings, we design for the human scale and from the inside outward. Our work goes beyond functionality and aesthetics by constantly challenging dogmas, through applied imagination.

We design from a four-dimensional perspective. Time becomes an important driver for design, blending functionalities in the same space during day and night. By blending functionalities and fostering social cohesion between stakeholders, we optimize space utilisation. This blended approach operates in the interspace between markets and shapes the sharing economy, as a serious solution for the increasing lack of space.

Rather than mere design, clients want us to create impactful solutions. It’s our drive to achieve a harmonious balance between social, environmental and economic return.

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Maintaining our joint journey and serve as a one-stop-shop, we provide a complete design & build solution for projects from start to delivery. Enabling fast turnarounds by managing the execution in a smooth process, we remain focused on the end quality. We are precise and structured while always remaining true to our mentality.

We build the designs that we create, to do more with less, and to keep control over the final result. Turnkey projects span from architecture, installation, and interior to FF&E. Our markets include hotels, offices and museums, with clients ranging from building owners to tenants.

Our approach

  • Focusing on quality instead of profit maximisation, our design team is an integrated part of our construction team. Together they constantly protect the quality of materials and artistry, both in the engineering and executional phases.
  • Building with the creative and agile mindset of designers in one single team instead of a traditional chain of services is what makes us a true full-service Design & Build company. Throughout the entire process, we bear joint responsibility for the final result.
  • Doing heavy work with a light-hearted attitude, our projects should be fun for everyone involved.

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Circularity is a cornerstone of our projects, and we actively strive to collaborate with local partners to significantly reduce environmental impact. In line with government objectives like the ESG standards, this enables us to achieve thoughtful and responsible architecture.

Our approach

  • A close collaboration between teams of various backgrounds and disciplines is what creates extensive knowledge, agility and truly unique synergy – from ideation to realisation, and activation.
  • By activating spaces from a blended-use perspective, various people and functionalities are brought together in the same space during day and night, creating meaningful spaces and moments.
  • Each project starts with research and an exchange of learnings. Championing autonomy and regarding resourcefulness as an art, we invite others for collaborations and trust the doers. While always open for reflection on our work process, we strive to be undeniable.

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