Zandkasteel Amsterdam

Same imagination, new applications

Wonam and Zadelhoff 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

4,000 m2


Alberts & Van Huut Architecture 
Frederiks Interieurs 
Makers of Sustainable Spaces

Mix Interiors
de Architect
NH Nieuws

Geurt Brinkgreve Award, Best Heritage Redevelopment Project

Applied principles

DD Vision Icon 1

Balance social, environmental and economic return

DD Vision Icon 3

Focus on value creation not profit maximisation

DD Vision Icon 6

Cultivate communities and network organisations

We transformed the interior of the landmark office building Zandkasteel in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, working closely with Max van Huut (Alberts & Van Huut Architecture) – responsible for the original design completed in 1986. 

The ‘free form’ style building, inspired by nature’s cycles, was declared a heritage site in 2017 and won the Geurt Brinkgreve Award for Best Heritage Redevelopment Project in 2023.

The interiors use loose, flexible elements that uphold high standards regarding sustainability and respect the building’s original organic character. The concept of ‘Internal City’ guided the project, incorporating lively inner streets, squares, and parks to create an environment that prioritises the comfort and wellbeing of its diverse inhabitants.

The blended-use creates a semi-public character. For instance, the auditorium where an office tenant gives a presentation during the workday transforms into a movie theatre for the wider community to enjoy in the evenings and weekends. This inclusivity extends to diverse activities, from art exhibitions to sports and cultural gatherings, showcasing the versatility of Zandkasteel as a vibrant hub, not just for its residents but also for the surrounding neighbourhood.

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