Zandkasteel Amsterdam

Same imagination, new applications

The beauty and mystery of the iconic ‘Zandkasteel’ building in Amsterdam Zuidoost will soon reveal to the public. The former headquarters of ING is a well-known office building, but its inner workings remained a mystery to many for almost 40 years. That will change as the transformation of this incredible monument leads the building into its full potential.   

The original design of Zandkasteel, by Max van Huut (Alberts & Van Huut Architecten), allows for natural additions and a second life for the building that will do its public function justice. Our blended use concept features a lively inner street and many shared spaces, such as beautiful monumental, characteristic meeting rooms and an auditorium that provides a multifunctional social environment as event space, theatre and cinema. Blending workspace and leisure activities is an invitation for various ways of using the same place more efficiently, day and night.  

Our design uses the existing architectural qualities and adds extra activation in the corridor and other shared spaces, creating a semi-public character. Ultimately, Zandkasteel will be a place for people to meet and inspire each other, with a connection to nature at its core. This project is not only about the transformation of a monument but also about the unique collaboration with Max van Huut and the transition from the founding architect to the next generation redesigning it: same imagination, new applications. Keep an eye out for updates on this exciting project on our social media channels in the coming weeks. 

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