De L’Europe Amsterdam ‘t Huys

A new luxury hospitality concept

De L’Europe Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

800 m2


Entree Magazine
Financial Times

D/DOCK developed ‘t Huys for De L’Europe Amsterdam in collaboration with some of The Netherlands’ greatest creative talents. The 14 landmark suites bring Amsterdam’s icons of art and style under one roof to celebrate culture and craftsmanship, while introducing a new luxury hospitality concept to the Dutch capital 

From the Van Gogh Museum to couturier Ronald van der Kemp and design house and family business KOKKE House, each suite embodies our commitment to pushing boundaries in design with the distinct vision of each of the ‘t Huys partners. The result is an immersive experience in which guests are now welcome to step into the worlds of art, film, design, and fashion.

A blended lifestyle approach, reinforced by the hospitality experience of De L’Europe Amsterdam, sees each suite transform throughout the day to encompass a wide range of activities spanning business, performances, philanthropy, and multidisciplinary events.

Embracing a ‘jam session’ collaborative spirit, diverse talents are contributing with their expertise and ideas, nurturing a dynamic community of like-minded individuals, reflective of Amsterdam’s ever-evolving cultural scene.

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