As a creative studio of thought leaders and design pioneers, we are dedicated to thoughtfully impacting the world around us. Leading with creative integrity and entrepreneurial spirit, we create meaningful spaces and moments.

The following seven principles guide us every day. They are at the heart of everything we do and each decision that we make. This is our aspiration for the reality of today and the future of tomorrow.

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Balance social, environmental and economic return

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Shape the sharing economy

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Focus on value creation not profit maximisation

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Regenerate people and planet

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Drive circular and local production

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Cultivate communities and network organisations

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Foster meaningful and spiritual connections

Balance social, environmental and economic return

We are dedicated to creating spaces that not only serve functional needs but also foster a sense of community, minimise environmental impact, and ensure economic viability. Through this holistic approach our projects become vibrant contributors to society.

Selected cases

DB55 Amsterdam

Blending beyond the office

De Groene Afslag Laren

One-of-a-kind blended venue

Shape the sharing economy

We specialise in creating environments that nurture collaboration among stakeholders and local communities, contributing to the sharing economy through our innovative ‘blended use’ concept. Embracing serendipity and doism, the value arising from our interventions goes beyond mere economic gains. This synergy is crucial in maintaining a harmonious and balanced ecosystem.

Selected cases

Office Suites

Unlocked potential of temporary vacancy

My Extraordinary Workspace Platform

Work from premium hotels

Moving Islands Concept

Enabling blended spaces

Focus on value creation not profit maximisation

Through our commitment to create value beyond mere economic profit, we recognise that sustained success is intricately linked to the positive contributions made to society and aligns with the evolving expectations of conscientious consumers and stakeholders. We create meaningful spaces and moments through our change organism: imagine, develop, design, build, and activate.

Selected cases

Dr. Sarphatihuis Amsterdam

Indoor garden on wheels

Symphony Orchestra at Edge Stadium Amsterdam

From office to concert hall

Regenerate people and planet

Leaping beyond conventional boundaries, from design to operations, we transform spaces into meaningful environments to promote wellbeing for people and planet. Be it hotels or offices, hospitals or care facilities, our holistic approach and sustainable practices cultivate harmony, revitalise communities, and nurture the environment for a thriving and balanced future.

Selected cases

Hofparken Holiday Park Bergvennen

Regeneratively redesigning recreation parks

Heremita Acquasparta

Rethink the way we live

Basecamp Eco-resorts

Travel less, stay longer

Drive circular and local production

Circularity is a cornerstone of our projects, and we actively strive to collaborate with local partners to significantly reduce environmental impact. In line with government objectives like the ESG standards, this enables us to achieve thoughtful and responsible architecture.

Selected cases

Circa Amsterdam

Circularity meets flexibility

Inktpot Utrecht

Pinnacle of circularity

Goede Doelen Loterijen Amsterdam

Sustainable home for good causes

Cultivate communities and network organisations

Our organizational culture thrives on challenging norms and engaging in collaborative journeys rather than traditional client / supplier roles. This cooperative approach is essential to our network model: a broad community of ambassadors forming an organisation bound by a shared vision and collective responsibility.

Selected cases

De L’Europe Amsterdam

Transformed into a community residence

Cathedrall Amsterdam

Accelerating the circular transition

Daalsesingel 51 Utrecht

Sustainable departure from the single-use office

Foster meaningful and spiritual connections

We prioritise cultivating personal relationships that extend beyond the confines of business, within our studio and projects. Meaningfulness transcending mere project creation, we always ask ‘why’ before ‘what’. We aim to substantiate projects by embracing soft values such as happiness, health, and productivity, intricately weaving together resilience and societal impact.

Selected cases

Aesthetics of Uncertainty Workshop

Spiritual journey of the fool

Suite 242 Amsterdam

New aesthetic languages

Magic Hospital Concept

From process to ritual

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