Dr Sarphatihuis Amsterdam

Indoor garden on wheels


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

815 m2



The famous Dr. Sarphatihuis in Amsterdam, a nursing home designed by Abraham van der Hart in 1782, needed a redesign for its atrium to make it a more welcoming and flexible space for residents, employees, and visitors. Care organization Amsta approached us with a challenging request to activate the open space, making it a more pleasant place to stay. 

In collaboration with MOSS, our design team’s solution was a complete indoor garden on wheels that could be configured in over thirty different ways to accommodate a variety of activities, such as coworking, events, and lunch. Moss carefully chose the plant selection to fit seamlessly with the space’s use and divided the area into four zones, creating various inviting and intimate atmospheres.

We prioritized circularity in our progressive design. Together with our partner Furnify, responsible for circular engineering and execution, we utilized leftover materials from the wood industry to construct the indoor garden. By designing a flexible and inviting space, the redesign of the atrium at the Dr. Sarphatihuis exemplifies the design team’s commitment to creating functional, sustainable spaces that prioritize both the needs of their users and the environment. Ultimately, this indoor garden on wheels serves as an innovative and creative solution for activating and transforming any indoor space.

Furnify is curious if more companies are interested in this product. Please send us a pm or email to info@furnify.nl if you would like to learn more.

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