We create meaningful spaces and moments

Dr Sarphatihuis Amsterdam

Indoor garden on wheels

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AIR Offices Rotterdam

Connecting companies & communities

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JetBrains Munich

Welcome to The City

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EVBox Amsterdam

Where employees go for a recharge

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Fabrique des Lumières Amsterdam

Weaving the fabric of light

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DB55 Amsterdam

Blending beyond the office

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We are D/DOCK

As a creative studio of thought leaders and design pioneers, we are dedicated to radically impacting the world around us. Leading with creative integrity and entrepreneurial spirit, we create meaningful spaces and moments.


Globally active in a broad range of markets, we love to colour outside the lines. Together with our multidisciplinary team we translate complex requirements into solutions for the reality of today and the future of tomorrow.

Our markets include: Workspace, Hospitality, Healthcare, Experiential, Education and Blended-use.


Francesco Messori

Healing Offices, our proven approach to a healthy workspace

Thomas van Leeuwen

Impact Development, creating impact with real estate

Recent cases

Fabrique des Lumières Amsterdam

Weaving the fabric of light

Daalsesingel 51 Utrecht

Sustainable departure from the single-use office

De L’Europe Amsterdam

Transformed into a community residence