Our vision of hospitality architecture is characterised by crafting stories through design and curating memorable moments. Showing people how they can create quality out of life again enables them to experience the potential of that quality. Collaboratively we need to learn to reattach to our planet that we have neglected for so long. Not only by eating vegan, separating waste and minimising our carbon footprint but also by appreciating the food we grow and celebrating things that we can organise interactively with our environment. 

Of course, we are highly committed to consistently creating sustainable hospitality environments that maximise service quality and provide comfort to every customer. But, in terms of design, our work is mainly about creating an environment for things to happen, triggering people’s imagination and ability to improvise. That is why we constantly question how we can challenge people to contribute something of themselves through designs that encourage interactivity. Then it becomes an experience that they will never forget.


Everybody wants to explore life in the best possible way. So, our concepts and designs for hotels focus on community building, interaction, celebration, health, relaxation, and the discovery of surprising heavenly features. That’s always a challenge because hospitality architecture must meet the expectations of thousands of visiting guests.

So, considering brand peculiarities, we develop a design that provides every hotel guest with a positive experience. The stories should unfold by being there. Thus, we aim to design hotels that help their guests create their own stories, which then become an experience that people will never forget.

Selected cases

De L’Europe Amsterdam

Transformed into a community residence

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam

Rediscovered luxury

Airport lounges

When it comes to airport lounge design, exploration, reenergising, and celebration are core to our vision – to create a world beyond our imagination. We believe today’s airport lounge should be an interactive hub of engaging experiences that creates a stress-free environment while serving the diverse needs of passengers; offering a revitalising oasis to the flying community. 

According to our vision, a lounge consists of different zones and typologies of seating landscapes. So, we create designs based on our knowledge and environmental psychology research. We argue that guests in a lounge should be able to choose various seating options suited to their needs and state of mind, whether they are travelling alone or with others. Space for privacy or sociability is ultimately about having a sense of belonging balanced with a sense of control.

Selected cases

Privium Schiphol Airport

Our vision on applied luxury

Swissport Aspire Geneva Airport

From airport lounge to seating landscape


When creating a restaurant, we design for the human scale and from the inside out. Our vision goes beyond boundaries and is characterised by spatial thinking as we explore possibilities. A workplace can also be a restaurant and vice versa.

We believe valuable square metres can be used more efficiently through blended use by utilising space for multiple functions. Whether a staff restaurant or a luxury commercial restaurant, a good hospitality concept is human-centred and goes beyond serving food. Crucially, a sense of hospitality has become an essential driver in all industries.

Selected cases

à Deauville Amsterdam

Cosmopolitan feelings

Fortune Bar WTC Schiphol Airport

Raising the bar at the airport


When we rethink the quality of life, we need to learn how to treat all things surrounding us with the utmost respect, appreciating the celebration of life in general. What’s a better place to do that than in a retreat. So, with a team of thought leaders from different disciplines, we imagine the ultimate hospitality locations where all the good things in life meet. 

A retreat offers an ocean of possibilities because it creates a place where relaxation, work, art, time for yourself, socialising with friends and family, healthy food, sports facilities, celebration, and education all blend together. A retreat is a perfect fit in an era where boundaries between work and leisure are fading, and people can work and live from anywhere.

Selected cases

Heremita Acquasparta

Rethink the way we live

Grand Villa Argentina Dubrovnik

Resorting to sophistication

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