Privium Schiphol Airport

Our vision on applied luxury

We designed the new Privium ClubLounge West for Schiphol airport, previously known as Privium Airside Lounge. Privium Plus members will experience a completely new ambience in the renovated and more spacious lounge. In addition, the diversity of seating typologies and workstations enables members to relax or work undisturbed in proximity to the gate before their flight takes off.

The Northern Lights inspired us to design the new Privium ClubLounge West. This theme is reflected in the choice of materials, the colour pallet and the lighting. The new open façade means that more natural light comes in. In addition, Dynamic Northern Light lighting is implemented in the ceiling in certain areas. This light changes throughout the day, which results in a soothing atmosphere for Privium Plus members to relax.

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