Privium Schiphol Airport

Our vision on applied luxury

Privium Schiphol

Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands

550 m2


The Privium Club Lounge West at Schiphol Airport embodies our vision for airport lounges, centred around the wellbeing of the traveller, through the integration of environmental psychology and biophilic design principles.

Drawing inspiration from the sleek design of aircraft fuselages, the lounge incorporates organic shapes and inviting, cave-like spaces. A circadian lighting system harmonises with the natural light from the outdoor patio, providing a soothing atmosphere.

The Privium lounge also boasts a captivating media art installation: ‘Fluid Skies’, which emulates the Northern Lights. The installation, inspired by research on the calming effects of gazing at slow, continuous movements, not only reduces anxiety but also enhances comfort, creating a mesmerising experience for travellers.

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