Heremita Acquasparta

Rethink the way we live


Umbria, Italy


Applied principles

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Regenerate people and planet

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Foster meaningful and spiritual connections

It may sound like the start of a fairy tale, but as a company, we own a beautiful hidden gem in the mountains of the Italian province of Umbria. This deserted village, once known as L’Ermita, used to be a safe shelter for hermits that escaped the big city and lived in isolation and peace. This incredible location, now named Heremita, offers us the opportunity and freedom to do what we are good at and love the most: imagine, develop, design, build and activate.

Heremita allows us to create a village based on our ReDOCK vision freely. Because in this uncertain time of tremendous change, a challenging era in which climate change drives us to think progressively about our future, we need to rethink how we live. Therefore we create a community village where people can live in harmony with nature, which illustrates new ways of connecting generations, politics, economic development, innovation and education. With Heremita, we develop an incubator destination in the middle of Italian nature. It will be a safe place to work, revive, celebrate life and understand nature with our D/DOCK team of creatives, clients and partners, friends, family and the local people of Umbria.

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