De L’Europe Amsterdam

Transformed into a community residence

De L’Europe Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

4,500 m2


Nicemakers (Interior Designer)

Applied principles

DD Vision Icon 3

Focus on value creation not profit maximisation

DD Vision Icon 6

Cultivate communities and network organisations

We elevated the creative process for the complete renovation of hotel De L’Europe Amsterdam, resulting in a luxury hospitality environment where local icons, hotel guests and city residents all blend to enrich the entire building. We have taken luxury to a higher level while retaining the rich history and allure of the hotel. In addition, our concept for developing a new wing named ‘t Huys made De L’Europe accessible to a broader audience. A once-exclusive space now invites you to discover the hotel in its glory as our conceptual design connects the hotel with the city of Amsterdam.   

In collaboration with interior design studio Nicemakers, we transformed the lobby and the restaurants and upgraded all rooms, including the mesmerising Royal Penthouse suite and a Presidential Loft Suite that go beyond your imagination. The entire ground floor now has a new warm and intimate interior while preserving the grandeur of the past. We focused on the design development and build while Nicemakers took care of designing the space. To generate more liveliness and interaction in a beautiful iconic building, we imagined and realised our blended use concept ‘t Huys, which offers a ‘community residence’ to local entrepreneurs, creative talent and Amsterdam-based brand builders.

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