Swissport Aspire Geneva Airport

From airport lounge to seating landscape

The bright and sparkling Swiss environment inspired us to create the distinguishing Aspire Crystal lounge, which offers ample comfort with a strong sense of place. Commissioned by Swissport, we configured a seating landscape with a capacity of 75 people, serving mainly long-haul business class passengers. Based on environmental psychology, guests will find various seating options suited to their needs and state of mind, whether they are travelling alone or with others. With room for privacy or sociability, this lounge is ultimately about having a sense of belonging balanced with a sense of control.  

The Aspire Crystal lounge is uniquely located at a glazed mezzanine, suspended within the main passenger’s area, which is part of the new 520-metre-long prismatic glass and steel superstructure of Geneva airport in Switzerland. The British architecture studio Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners completed the polychromatic and modular ‘Aile Est airport terminal’ in early 2022. We aimed to create a space that is in symbiosis with the new terminal, also as an ode to the late Richard Rogers. Ultimately, we managed to create a lounge that is a revitalising oasis and an enrichment for the flying community.

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