The well-being of people, quality of space and adaptability are core to our vision of workspace architecture. We design for the human scale and from the inside out, so creating a workspace always involves investigating people’s deeper needs. Therefore, we collaborate with a team of designers and social sciences experts to translate the specific needs of employees into a built environment that is about humans.


Traditionally, the office used to be the place where people did their job behind a desk from nine to five. However, that completely changed. The pandemic transformed the way we work globally. We were suddenly forced to rethink traditional workflows and started reimagining workspaces through a more holistic scope. Now we create office concepts that ensure connectedness and maintain company culture. There is more focus on experience and interaction, safety and well-being of employees, optimising diverse forms of collaboration and greater autonomy while simultaneously creating more flexibility. 

We believe that culture solidifies in our buildings, so in the spaces where we live and work, we see things reflected that we value. More than ever, office interior design expresses a company’s particular culture and organisation. So, the core company values should be visible and tangible in an office building. We see it as our primary task to create such workspaces for meaningful moments and connections.

Selected cases

Nedap Groenlo

Biophilic design as startup culture

Dura Vermeer Utrecht

Centred on inspiration


We create coworking spaces that boost creativity. Switching workplaces and exploring new locations, even outside work environments or abroad, creates inspiration and allows people to refresh their minds and reenergise. Moreover, the need for rituals and collaboration becomes more urgent as our world becomes increasingly complex. Therefore, we facilitate coworking spaces to create impactful moments between companies and people, enabling hybrid cross-pollination and interaction between various communities.

Selected cases

Daalsesingel 51 Utrecht

Sustainable departure from the single-use office

Spaces Schiphol Airport

Panoramic business club


Working from anywhere is a rapidly growing movement, brewing within knowledge-work organisations for quite some time. From continent-crossing video chats to online team meetings in the park or from a hotel lobby, these contemporary and flexible workspaces can lower costs and raise creativity, production, and morale in the workforce. Moreover, this trend enables employees to visit other platforms, which can add to the shared culture of your company.

Personal technology and digital connectivity had already advanced so swiftly that the question popped up whether or not we really need to be together in an office to do our work. Then the pandemic lockdowns taught us that we don’t need to be co-located with colleagues on-site to do our jobs. So, we predict that the future of workspace will primarily focus on a balance between in-office working and a form of remote working that summates into a hybrid model: work from anywhere, whether a hotel, an office, or a blended venue.

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