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In collaboration with Microsoft, Spaces opened a new location (beginning of 2019) close to the airport.

These Spaces consist of three floors, one business club and an international community of people and businesses and it has a panoramic view in 360 degrees. Spaces Schiphol Airport is a coworking environment which completes the airport, its surroundings and its community.

For D/DOCKs first Spaces assignment, the D/DOCKxSpaces team did an extensive tour and visited all existing Spaces locations in the Netherlands. Based on these findings, we created a new design for this primetime location. Based on this design, many more new locations will be developed so all eyes are on Spaces Schiphol!

Location manager Ilome Groels says: “The first thing I hear people say when they arrive here on our floors is “Wow”.”

The view one has on the airport, the planes and all the people, trucks, cars, busses going around, is actually quite restful. Even though the airport is the busiest place in the Netherlands, a small city that never sleeps, up in these Spaces areas you feel comfortable and at ease.

The club room is popular for group meetings, but also for short one-to-ones, it’s so quiet there and it has a chique business feeling. Around the small bar it is buzzing. It serves healthy food and barista coffee, this is the place for informal chit chats.

D/DOCKxSpaces team designed various color blocks (on the floors, walls, ceilings) and customized every block with a little different atmosphere, to create zones for individual needs.

Spaces developed a new environment together with Microsoft Nederland in this building The Outlook. Where Microsoft focusses on the online world, Spaces cares for an inspiring work environment for entrepreneurs. This combination makes this project unique, it’s now an open and accessible building for a big diversity of people. Everybody can find a spot where he/she prefers to work on that moment. For both companies D/DOCK has developed their new environments, to complete the connection between these organizations and make it more into one entity.

Microsoft employees come here quite often to work and meet. They love the atmosphere and we see new liaisons arising between Spaces members and Microsoftees. D/DOCK is proud to have collaborated with Microsoft and Spaces on this great project. Once you have a few (or more) hours to spend on Schiphol, please do visit Microsoft and Spaces and experience it yourself.

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The first challenge for D/DOCK was the assignment for a new coworking spot in The Outlook close to Schiphol Airport.

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