Dura Vermeer Utrecht

Centred on inspiration

Dura Vermeer

Utrecht, The Netherlands

6,000 m2


Makers of Sustainable Spaces

Applied principles

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Drive circular and local production

Located in the Leidsche Rijn district of Utrecht, the Dura Vermeer Inspiration Centre is a contemporary space where collaboration and innovation are the focus activities. The building consists of two parts, which are connected by a central reception area. We developed the interior design of the 6,000 m² office, creating open and flexible workplaces, meeting rooms, and lounge areas where employees can meet informally. 

Sustainability plays a key role in the Dura Vermeer Inspiration Centre. The interior uses sustainable and recycled wood and fully recyclable floor finishes. In collaboration with our in-house circular partner Furnify, multiple pieces of furniture were upcycled ensuring a seamless integration with the overall design. Furthermore, furniture from four different locations was repurposed.

The indoor gardens and the 4-storey green wall were designed by MOSS. The greenery does not only contribute to oxygen-rich air, but it also provides herbs for the kitchen and a pleasant atmosphere.

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