Daalsesingel 51 Utrecht

Sustainable departure from the single-use office

Daalsesingel 51 in Utrecht is a new hub for a flexible way of working. True to our vision of the future office, we designed it with sustainability and blended use as guiding principles. The building has solar panels, a green roof and a façade made of 100% recyclable material. Sustainability is reflected in our choice of materials and plants but also in the timelessness of the design. In collaboration with Furnify, we have successfully extended the interior’s lifespan. It means that 90% of the furniture is re-used and gets a second life, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of our interior design.

DS51 blends office space and meeting rooms with a central coffee shop, a lunch facility, an iconic basement bar, and a spectacular roof terrace. The ground floor functions as a dynamic hub where visitors can co-work, meet, concentrate, and of course, there is room for a Friday afternoon drink. This space is all about flexibility. A meeting room in the morning can be a lecture in the afternoon while doubling as an art exhibition. As such, it’s not just an office but an inspiring destination, welcoming even the passer-by.

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