Daalsesingel 51 Utrecht

Sustainable departure from the single-use office

a.s.r. real estate

Utrecht, the Netherlands

2,000 m2



Applied principles

DD Vision Icon 5

Drive circular and local production

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Cultivate communities and network organisations

Daalsesingel 51 serves as a hub for flexible working, and staying true to our vision of the future office, we developed the space with sustainability and blended use as our guiding principles. The building features solar panels, a green roof, and a façade made of 100% recyclable material. 

In collaboration with our in-house partner Furnify, we have successfully given a second life to 90% of the furniture, resulting in a significant reduction of the carbon footprint.

DS51 integrates office space and meeting rooms with a coffee shop, a lunch facility, a basement bar, and a roof terrace. The design prioritises flexibility. What might serve as a meeting room in the morning can transform into an art exhibition space in the afternoon. As such, DS51 is not just an office, but an inviting destination for diverse users. 

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