AIR Offices Rotterdam

Connecting companies & communities

Discover the hybrid workspace of the future at AIR Offices. We designed this work in progress for human well-being and flexibility in the heart of the city of Rotterdam. This sustainable building creates a connection between the office and the surrounding area, making it an accessible urban environment open to its inhabitants; because people are at the heart of the AIR Offices’ design.  

Our blended use design principle brings different disciplines and activities together to enrich a complete building and its surroundings. The hybrid functionality of the Atrium provides a place where the city and companies meet, with every square metre of the Atrium being able to be used multiple times for various activities such as working, food & beverage, education, entertainment, retail, art and social gathering. At AIR Offices, different disciplines with similar values come together to generate unexpected crossovers. The entirely renovated building will soon be a pivoting point in the area, located at the head of the renowned ‘Koopgoot’ in the centre of Rotterdam. 

In collaboration with WOMO Architects.

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