Our vision for the design and interior of schools is applied imagination in its ultimate form. We help progressive schools that think differently to find new perspectives on their newly built school project or the complete transformation and renovation of existing school buildings.

Therefore, we have developed a design method that we call ‘Learning Landscapes’. This vision enables us to translate the school’s specific needs into a tailor-made programme of requirements, so that a construction team can execute that vision precisely as we collaboratively imagined.


Francesco Messori

Learning Landscapes, our vision on the education environment

Francesco Messori

Total School, education without limitations or constraints

New schools

Based on environmental psychology research and our design knowledge, we developed our Learning Landscapes method because we believe that the architecture of a school must follow their specific educational model. Therefore, through workshops and collaboration, we can think together with a school team to visualise a programme of requirements that reflects their specific wishes and educational system.

We aim to ultimately realise a customised concept that underlies a design to create a future-proof school that can be modified following various situations and cultural transformations. We think a school building shouldn’t be a local castle but a flexible teaching community that is open for society to interact, enhancing the development and dissemination of knowledge.

Selected cases

Brede School Brunssum

Broadening the school of learning communities

Basisschool TOV Waddinxveen

The new school of personalised learning


Most outdated schools, built in the sixties or seventies, are based on the traditional classroom structure and are therefore not suitable as a contemporary learning environment that suits a school’s teaching method. When architects are asked to renovate an existing school building, they often maintain the old culture in their design. We think differently about school renovation projects because we are engaged in the teaching method of our clients. 

We develop a customised concept for schools that think differently based on their particular teaching system. Through workshops, we translate their knowledge and expectations into a renovation plan that fully suits their specific way of teaching. We look at the future perspective of a school, interaction with society, and the hybrid possibilities of a space so that the school becomes part of society rather than remaining a local castle.

Selected cases

Amarantis Zaandam

Two schools, one building

Parkschool Utrecht

Opening up the building

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