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Total School, education without limitations or constraints

Environmental psychology research shows us that we have to aim for schools with an utmost social significance in society. Based on this research and our own design knowledge we developed the Total school concept: our vision on the future of education.

The Total school concept – the ideal school envisioned

The role of a school in our society is changing: a school will be a social hub that offers broad and central functionalities for a larger demographic. In such a circular system, the commercial sector is involved and students experience the ‘real’ world to which they can contribute. Additionally, the school is an ideal place to promote the ‘life-long learning’ principle. Education is for people of all ages which means that adults can learn from children and youth as well as the other way around.

Besides this schools will run more like a business; a school that generates their own revenue and is less dependent on government funding and enjoys more freedom. A school should therefore be able to define a strong identity to position themselves in the community.

Five Values of the Total School

The name Total stands for the total vision that we bundled here and our circular and holistic approach.

1. Flexible, Sustainable and Circular

A school that is completely adaptable to the changing needs of its users, the learning methods and the environment. Implementation of sustainability and circularity during the construction phase and during end use with possibilities for pop-ups and upgrades for a future proof environment.

2. A Healthy Environment

A school that is healthy, safe, open and energetic with lots of green, natural light, healthy food and physical exercise at easy reach. With options for custom adjustments, a tranquil and relaxed space by the use of natural materials and colours that spark comfort and delight; a close to nature experience.

3. A Space for the Community

A school that is accessible for everyone in the community offering shared services. Open for parents and neighbours and businesses on days and evenings with a selection of leisure, sport, music, art and culture activities, all supporting a feeling of connection and safety.

4. A Meaningful Profit Company

A school that has a business model that generates revenue, interacts with other businesses and offers services to the community, an incubator for start-ups and a knowledge hub for innovation.

5. An International Connection Hub

A school that has an online hub to connect with (inter)national institutions and schools. Education is made possible and accessible from every place in the world. The school shares knowledge and information with the local community and the larger community via apps, social media and digital platforms.

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