Basisschool TOV Waddinxveen

The new school of personalised learning

Primary school TOV in Waddinxveen asked us to design a learning landscape, a space which would be the basis for the personalised learning method that this school champions. The environment should be open and transparent for the children, teachers and parents. We created a place to play, learn and discover, designing with people as our main focus. The school is therefore developed from the inside out, optimising connections with its surroundings. The open and flexible spaces make good use of daylight, and they’re applicable for various (future) educational methods.

In this project, circularity plays an important role, so we partnered up with Furnify and Human Office to create a sustainable landscape, which is a leading example for the kids, parents and the larger school community. In our work, we considered that the children mostly work in smaller groups while being coached individually by their teachers. There is no focus on traditional classrooms or on a central square, but on many smaller places to gather, work, learn or play. The smaller rooms inside and the outer shell along the facade, with many different places to explore, make this possible. Furthermore, available square meters are used effectively throughout the day, since the children will spread out across the whole space during their time at school.

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