Basisschool TOV Waddinxveen

The new school of personalised learning

Basisschool TOV

Waddinxveen, The Netherlands

1,500 m2


Human Office

Applied principles

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Focus on value creation not profit maximisation

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Drive circular and local production

TOV Primary School in Waddinxveen approached us to create a space that would serve as the foundation for their innovative personalised learning method – Learning Landscape. 

In collaboration with our in-house partner Furnify and Human Office, the primary goal was to develop a circular, open, and transparent environment.

We crafted a space for play, learning, and exploration with a people-centric design, and developed the school from the inside out, optimising connectivity to its surroundings. The resulting open and flexible spaces harness natural daylight.

Considering the students’ tendency to work in small groups with individual guidance from their teachers, our design eschewed traditional classrooms or a central square in favour of numerous smaller gathering spaces for work, learning, and play to ensure the efficient use of the school throughout the day.

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