We believe a building and a space’s interior can contribute to healing processes and people’s well-being. Because we design for the human scale and from the inside out, we developed a vision that we named the triadic method, our approach to creating pleasant healing environments for healthcare staff, patients, and their relatives. 

By creating healing environments, we ensure an organisation’s well-being and healthy people working there. From the start, we constantly challenge our clients and ourselves to view beyond the horizon in our design process. We do this through research and workshops in which we explore the organisation, present these and question topics that our clients didn’t think of yet. By mapping out all wishes and possibilities, we create a vision for which everyone in the organisation has provided input. In this process, we attach great value to the sustainable concept that underlies a design. Moreover, we argue that it’s essential to never put aesthetics first but use design to reach our common goal: making everyone in the organisation feel better, healthier, and more vital.


According to our vision of healthcare, the word hospital is outdated. We argue that it would be better to use a new term. For instance, a healing home would be more appropriate. After all, staying healthy is much more important than being cured. We rather like to think one step ahead. So, when potential clients approach us to design their new hospital, we state prevention is better than cure. Hence, a hospital’s interior can contribute to patients’ healing process, and a healing environment for the healthcare staff is a sustainable solution to offer employees a perspective within their organisation. We believe that by creating spaces where people feel comfortable, employees are more vital, less often sick, and they will perform better.

Selected cases

VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam

Less stress is a real treat

Middle East Hospital Riyadh

Healing in the desert


From the start of D/DOCK, we created our concepts and designs from a human perspective. Our primary motivation has always been to ensure that people enjoy their work environment and thus stay healthy. For a human-centred design studio like us, people are the most valuable sustainable material to work with.

Sustainability is about more than conserving resources. Retaining well-performing staff within your organisation is at least as sustainable. However, keeping employees within your organisation and attracting new team members is not a matter of course. Nowadays, it takes more than just a good salary. It requires vision, ambition, and innovation regarding vitality. So, what we do as a design studio goes beyond designing a building. We rethink how you work with your team and take care of activating your new space. This vision aligns with our main goal: creating meaningful spaces and moments.

Selected cases

VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam

Less stress is a real treat


We focus on more than interior design, building, development, and activation. Through applied imagination for organisations, we develop ideas and concepts. By doing so, we look beyond the boundaries of our disciplines and constantly question everything, even ourselves. The housing crisis, for example, has made us wonder how we can ensure that people become involved in society sooner and stay engaged for a more extended period. That is the starting point of multi-generational houses. 

There are many examples of ‘multi-generational houses’, buildings where young and old live side by side. However, little knowledge is available on how multi-generational houses can be designed and activated to achieve the best results. Therefore, we started researching the possibilities of such a housing project to discover how residents of different generations can strengthen each other and how design and activation can enhance that process.

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