Moving Islands Concept

Enabling blended spaces




Applied principles

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Shape the sharing economy

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Drive circular and local production

Moving Islands is a collection of movable and adaptable interior volumes that can come together, separate, or disperse, creating new and unexpected landscapes where people can sit, hide, connect, work, meditate, rest, and tell stories.

The basic frameworks can be dressed in various materials, hard or soft, luxurious, or modest, see-through or opaque, vibrant or sober, synthetic or natural, acting as three-dimensional canvases. They can offer privacy or foster connections, hide objects or separate spaces. They can incorporate vegetation, art, or elements of playfulness and provocation. People can climb on them, seek shelter, combine them in various configurations, move them around, or push them apart. 

Moving Islands are circular, made with discarded materials and straightforward to assemble and disassemble, allowing effortless transportation and reconfiguration. Moreover, local manufacturers can construct them with basic skills and technology.

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