De Groene Afslag Laren

One-of-a-kind blended venue

De Groene Afslag

Laren, The Netherlands

5,500 m2


Applied principles

DD Vision Icon 1

Balance social, environmental and economic return

DD Vision Icon 2

Shape the sharing economy

DD Vision Icon 3

Focus on value creation not profit maximisation

DD Vision Icon 5

Drive circular and local production

DD Vision Icon 6

Cultivate communities and network organisations

De Groene Afslag in Laren is a unique blended space that promotes sustainable living and circular economy practices. From the outset of this project, we have been part of the team developing the concept and feasibility study to establish a permanent home for De Groene Afslag in the former military training centre, De Spiegelhorst, located in Buurtschap Crailo, straddling the municipalities of Hilversum, Bussum, and Laren. We will transform this 1980s concrete mastodon into a future-proof space that serves as a tangible tool for creating measurable and intentional social and environmental impact.

We are leading the impact development of this circular icon, supported by an exceptional team of advisors and financiers. We believe this project will pioneer a new approach to real estate development, grounded in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

Housing corporation De Alliantie will develop social and mid-rent housing units within the same building. Together, we are exploring opportunities to enhance the space through a blended-use concept that integrates various activities. De Groene Afslag will include a restaurant, hotel, workspaces, meeting rooms, and residences. This symbiosis aims to create a platform where people and companies with a commitment to our planet and its inhabitants can meet and inspire each other.

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