Hofparken Holiday Park Bergvennen

Regeneratively redesigning recreation parks


Bergvennen, The Netherlands

600 m2


Applied principles

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Regenerate people and planet

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Drive circular and local production

Hofparken, a revolutionising player in the holiday park sector, engaged us to explore the potential of creating regenerative holiday parks. In response, we offered our holistic design vision for developing eco-conscious parks that seamlessly coexist with nature.

Our circular design for the reception building of Bergvennen integrates components of the existing structure, placing a significant emphasis on bio-based materials in conjunction with an energy-neutral approach. 

Furthermore, our design ensures ample space for the growth of flora and fauna, nurturing wildlife habitats. Bergvennen will welcome park guests, provide a novel dining experience in the area, and serve as a hub for visitors of the surrounding heathlands.

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