Symphony Orchestra at Edge Stadium Amsterdam

From office to concert hall

Edge Workspaces

Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Applied principles

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Shape the sharing economy

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Focus on value creation not profit maximisation

Recognising the evolving dynamics of urban spaces, our in-house partner UseSpace takes on the challenge to redefine the traditional approach to commercial real estate with developer Edge and partner EDGE Workspaces. Office buildings present an opportunity to reimagine the role of building space, maximising their potential to serve as catalysts for positive social change in local neighbourhood.

The atrium of the EDGE Stadium, typically empty on a Friday evening after work hours, transforms into a rehearsal space for the 80-piece Symphony Orchestra De Philharmonie every Friday evening. The orchestra extended an invitation to the local community to attend an open rehearsal. Nearby residents, workers, organisations and the municipality were welcomed to join. Attendees have not only enjoyed a unique experience but have also had the chance to forge better connections and learn more about their neighbours.

This match is one of the many UseSpace is working on in Amsterdam. With the aim of optimising the use of space by combining user functions, the start-up creates space for everyone in the city. UseSpace shares a holistic approach that benefits both the commercial landscape and the wider community. Providing resources to social initiatives during previously underutilised hours, elevates the functionality of spaces globally and fosters a deeper sense of community and purpose on a local level.

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