Suite 242 Amsterdam

New aesthetic languages


Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Applied principles

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Focus on value creation not profit maximisation

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Foster meaningful and spiritual connections

Suite 242 in De L’ Europe Amsterdam offers an artistic approach to a reinvented environment for people to work, create, meet and reside. We imagined and created this representative Suite 242 as a ‘Blended Venue’ concept, which landed in the hotel’s recently renovated ground floor wing named ‘t Huys. By blending work and leisure, this place offers a combination of hospitality, luxury, social activities and exchange between different individuals or companies. Therefore, this creative workspace hub represents the future direction of offices we imagine.

For Suite 242, our design team explored and developed some new expressions in design, aiming to find new aesthetic languages. Therefore this project is an experiment, in which we can explore our spaces in a completely different way. The presence of art does not dominate the space but becomes a founding part of the design, as it is the only form of recognisable language that holds hidden messages. The bathroom, for example, is also an art installation, which reproduces a surprising jungle, like a hidden gem in the green. A giant wall art piece resembles a contemporary ‘Rosetta Stone’ full of digital pictograms, representing history and the future, as a new universal language archetype.

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