Inktpot Utrecht

Pinnacle of circularity


Utrecht, The Netherlands

30,000 m2



Applied principles

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Drive circular and local production

ProRail, the manager of the Netherlands’ railways, proudly calls the historic Inktpot in Utrecht its home. The iconic building was built in 1921 with 22 million bricks and spanning 30,000 m².

Led by Workbrands, our in-house circular partner Furnify was asked to redesign their workspace, respecting the history and authenticity of the building.

Sustainability was paramount in the project and 80% of the loose furniture was reused or refurbished, and sustainable and recycled materials implemented. Embracing circularity and creativity, the design team embarked on a ‘treasure hunt’ to ProRail’s waste yard, transforming discarded materials into stunning interior design elements for the office.

The design not only follows the signature ProRail identity while harmonising with the historic nature of the building, but also actively contributes to strengthening the brand and attracting talent. Employees were involved in the design process, fostering a sense of ownership among the staff.

Flexibility was another core design principle. A modular system for the team rooms was implemented, allowing for versatile configurations that adapt to specific spatial requirements and functional needs. This ensures suitability for future (re)use. The community rooms were designed with movable furnishings, giving users the power to arrange the space according to their preferences.

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