DB55 Amsterdam

Blending beyond the office

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1,100 m2


Makers of Sustainable Spaces

As we embarked on the journey of conceptualising our own workspace, our primary goal was to distance ourselves from the traditional office. This vision, combined with the discovery of a hidden gem in the Houthavens district – a former timber warehouse – led us to the development of an innovative archetype: the Blended Venue.

Through meticulous design and creative interventions, we turned DB55 into a dynamic structure where every square metre is optimally (re)utilised throughout the week, resulting in a flexible environment where dozens of functions come together and reinforce each other. 

DB55 is a circular building, and its design determined by the available supply of materials. Floor finishes from former trains and wooden planks that once served as roof boarding for homes, recycled concrete and glass walls, refurbished lighting and second-life furniture are just some examples of our commitment to reducing the building’s ecological footprint by minimising waste. 

In short, DB55 is more than a workplace. It’s a space where art, sports, gastronomy, and celebrations converge, creating an interplay of serendipitous encounters that contribute to its vibrant atmosphere, thus enhancing not only the space itself but also the surrounding neighbourhood.

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