DB55 Amsterdam

Blending beyond the office

With DB55, we created an entirely new archetype named a blended venue, a space where art, performances, celebrations, education, fun and work blend together. When we started brainstorming and imagining how we would like to design our new workspace, this time our very own, we had many creative ideas. But one feeling overarched everything: it shouldn’t be an office. So, once we found a beautiful hidden gem in the Houthaven district, we transformed this former timber warehouse into a building in which we utilize every square meter four times over.

Through several creative interventions, we created a flexible and fluid environment where dozens of different functions come together and reinforce each other. Thus, DB55 is currently used for sports, music, events, a public restaurant, overnight stays, exhibitions, a children’s playground, education, an auditorium, ice baths, workshops, and so on. Everyone can use every room, even in the evenings, nights, and weekends. Therefore, it’s a place that is always buzzing. Social interaction and unexpected encounters contribute to its liveliness, enriching the building and the neighbourhood.

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