Fabrique des Lumières Amsterdam

Weaving the fabric of light

We significantly contributed to the realisation of Fabrique des Lumières, the largest immersive art centre in the Netherlands. Commissioned by Culturespaces from Paris, we have entirely transformed the interior of a landmark space in Amsterdam, the ‘Zuiveringshal West of the Westergasfabriek’. This former 19th-century gas factory was our canvas, an overwhelming industrial space with walls up to 17 metres high. Our challenge was creating a new environment with contemporary materials that had to look like a historic factory building.

Finally, our design & build resulted in a unique digital art centre where visitors can experience epic visual adventures and see art come to life through immersive exhibitions by classical, modern and contemporary artists. With advanced technology, the artworks are brought to life by 100+ state-of-the-art projectors and accompanying music. The grand opening exhibition featured works by the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt and his contemporaries. In summary, we have created an experience space with 3,800 m2 of video art and fun for all ages.

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