JetBrains Terrace Tower Amsterdam

Landscape of employee well-being


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

12,000 m2


Makers of Sustainable Spaces

Applied principles

DD Vision Icon 5

Drive circular and local production

The unique workspace for global software company JetBrains aligns with its core value to provide employees with a sustainable environment that nurtures wellbeing and productivity.

The interior blends landscape architecture, biophilic design, and principles of environmental psychology. Each floor represents a different natural landscape: desert, forest, fields, or mountains. These scenes transform the workspace into an ecosystem that fosters creativity. Moreover, it prioritises the employees’ personal needs, offering various spatial layouts. The customisable workstations provide focus, privacy, and comfort, creating a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere. Team-based rooms become micro-communities, facilitating collaboration.

Sustainability is a key focus of this project, with recycled furniture and an automated system that adjusts sun protection, lighting, heating, and cooling based on sunlight penetration and occupancy levels. Simultaneously, employees can also configure their own space. JetBrains’ Amsterdam office stands as evidence to their commitment to both employees and the environment.

JetBrains creates intelligent software development tools used by over 15.9 million professionals and 90 Fortune Global Top 100 companies. The company is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, and has offices throughout the world.

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