Solmaz Fooladi

RE-Puzzle keeps the cycle going

We’re introducing RE-Puzzle, the circular furniture system redefining interior design. This modular furniture system is made entirely from post-consumer materials like plastics, metals, fabrics and OSB-wood. With its unique set-up, RE-Puzzle is customizable to fit any space, allowing people to unleash their creativity and explore different perspectives.

RE-Puzzle is a modular furniture system that reuses, repurposes and recycles various post-consumer materials. The plastics used in this interior product are mainly polypropylene sourced in post-consumer and industrial environments. The fabrics are a blend. Sources are company uniforms and a selection from the 350.000 kg of collected cloth items from the Dutch city Haarlem. Primary resources, like cotton and wool in pure form, were carefully selected during the production process. What remains is a blend of synthetics.

Plastics, fabric and rusty metal made from post-consumer materials keep waste away from landfills and direct it towards recycling plants, thus reducing waste. Using post-consumer materials makes sense – it’s competitive cost-wise, those materials are already available, and this approach positively impacts the environment.

In the case of RE-Puzzle, an effort is made to source materials close to the production location. Additionally, materials were selected that can go on for a third use after being used in this furniture product. For example, when treated right, polypropylene has quite a few lifecycles, and the fabric-based sheets can be reshaped afterwards.

Instead of cutting down trees, RE-Puzzle is created with materials otherwise discarded as waste. In this case, base sheet materials for structural parts are made from agricultural waste. Reusing those materials increases their longevity and turns them into a new design. Moreover, this product is designed for disassembly, making the repair process easy and accessible.

Re-Puzzle is designed by Solmaz Fooladi and created in collaboration with D/DOCK and Frederiks Interieurs, a socially committed interior designer focusing on sustainability. What makes RE-Puzzle unique is its modular and flexible set-up, which can be modified into various scenarios depending on specific needs. The modularity allows people to explore their imagination and creativity to fit into the perspective room and set-up needed.

The project’s name says it all – life can be a puzzle, but this circular furniture system reminds us that we can repurpose and reuse materials to create something new and beautiful. In this context, RE-Puzzle’s circular perspective also symbolizes building a new life, precisely what Solmaz did when she moved from Ukraine to the Netherlands with her two children. For Solmaz, this project shows the distinctive Dutch post-consumer approach and comes with an inspiring message: just like RE-Puzzle can give materials a second life, you too can rebuild your life – no matter where you come from. So let’s give materials a second life and keep the cycle going.

About Solmaz Fooladi

Solmaz Fooladi started collaborating with D/DOCK, intending to create a new chapter in her life. Solmaz is a Ukrainian designer with Iranian roots. Back in Kyiv, her design studio was known for creating romantic interiors out of concrete, using industrial influences in designs and reusing all sorts of furniture for new purposes. Over the years, she realized more than 100 interior projects and more than 50 furniture pieces. Supported by D/DOCK, Solmaz is building a new life as a designer in the Netherlands and revitalizing her once-successful Kyiv based architect firm Solmaz Primavera.

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