Bosch New Era Utrecht

The new era experience

Bosch asked our in-house partner Nachtlab Agency to design an event to showcase their newest innovations around E-mobility. Of course, we aimed to wow their guests and get them excited about the big transformation ahead of us. We took the Solarpunk movement as a starting point in our creative process. Transforming the old industrial setting of ‘De Fabrique’ in Utrecht into a modern landscape of electric nature, we demonstrated how the symbiosis between technological progress and the natural world is crucial for the upcoming energy transition. For the opening spectacle, we collaborated with Studio Nick Verstand to create an audio-visual laser show that introduced the most recent vehicles and how they use the newest E-mobility technology.  

However, we wanted to take it further than just a show, so we created an entire spatial environment that reflected the wider transition into the new era. Offering a variety of interactive and immersive activities such as a virtual tunnel, mechanical F1-Simulators, break-out sessions and a food court, this conference wasn’t only meant to be heard and seen but to be fully experienced as well. This way all could feel and share the excitement of a future with renewable, carbon-neutral mobility.  With the right balance between information, show and fun, we turned Bosch New Era into the event of the year for Bosch Benelux.

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