Commonland Amsterdam

Restoring the qualities of the original with sustainability

Commonland is an initiator, catalyst and enabler of large scale and long-term landscapes restoration projects. Their office houses in ’t Kraanspoor, a unique building by architect Trude Hooykaas. Ideally located in Amsterdam Noord, the office floors have a beautiful panoramic view over the port. Our design team collaborated with Commonland to make their new work environment as circular, warm, natural and eco-friendly as possible. We made use of the special lines and highlighted the qualities of the building, such as the alignment of the acoustic panels and light fixtures, as well as the placement of the meeting rooms. 

Sustainability was an important requirement of the project, which we met by reusing existing furniture and by sourcing specific items. We paid special attention to eco-friendly products throughout the project. To give the employees a sense of ownership, we facilitated an eco-printing workshop. This resulted in finishing touch of this design: unique cushions, bringing a beautiful union between design and earth. 

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