EVBox Amsterdam

Where employees go for a recharge


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

7,500 m2



Applied principles

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Drive circular and local production

EVBox is a global developer of electric vehicle charging solutions, leading the way for a future of widespread electric transportation. With a workforce of 600 individuals spanning thirteen countries, including a presence of over 350 employees in the Amsterdam headquarters, the company has experienced significant growth over the past decade. 

In response to this dynamic growth, we conceptualised and implemented an entirely new workspace over three floors of the GoWest building in Amsterdam. The innovative environment offers diverse areas for teams to collaborate and engage. The office is designed to promote wellbeing, featuring abundant greenery, a warm colour scheme, and a variety of workstations. In alignment with our commitment to sustainability, and EVBox’s environmental goals, our in-house partner Furnify incorporated as many second-life items as possible into the design.

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