Glue 2023 Exhibition

Tales from beyond



Schola / Nanette Dekool / Circu Leren / Cooloo / Georgie Frankel / Studio Petra Vonk / Zianetti / Solmaz Primavera / Yacinth Pos / CCONTINUA / NAPPE / vanPlestik

Applied principles

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Focus on value creation not profit maximisation

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Cultivate communities and network organisations

During Glue, the 4-day design route through Amsterdam, we proudly presented an exhibition and programme under the theme ‘Tales from beyond – Awakening from a candy life’.

We decided to do nothing ordinary. We believe it is our mission as designers to use our imagination to see reality with different eyes, to find small solutions capable of triggering change, and to build a new culture bringing back to us humanity, balance, respect for the planet, equality, dignity, empathy, and true happiness.

And what is a better way to do so than inventing new tales, using ambiguity, fluidity, fuzziness, and contrast to inject in the people a new awareness about our life? ‘Tales from Beyond – Awakening from a Candy Life’, is an immersive exhibition paired with an elaborative program using design as a powerful tool to reshape the narrative of what we experience.

Photos and video by Masato Sezawa and Koyo Tatsunokuchi.

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