Google Amsterdam

Playful and surprising environment

Google Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3,000 m2


For our first Healing Offices project, we turned 3.000 square meters of the Vinoly Tower in Amsterdam into an interactive landscape for Google’s European Headquarters. The garage where founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google was the inspiration for the interior concept. Quirky elements throughout the office illustrate this era – from graffiti walls and cardboard box lights to the exposed ceilings and container wall in the 70-seater auditorium, also referred to as the Tech Talk. This project has reached a high level of satisfaction from the employees, with its playful and surprising environment, and in the same time has complied all the standards of Google workplace design, together with advanced solutions in terms of sustainability and re-use of the previous furniture.

We designed an innovative floor layout with a central block, also known as The Cave. This houses all general facilities such as meeting rooms, huddle rooms, video booths and micro kitchens. It leaves free space in the perimeter, known as The Landscape, which is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and home to the individual workplaces of the various departments. Every workplace is adjacent to a window, offering all employees a 180° view of the city while working. This layout makes the office space highly adaptable. It allows the Googlers to communicate and work together in a diverse environment while having personal space at the same time.

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