Haagsche Zwaan The Hague

Urban meadow

De Haagsche Zwaan

The Hague, The Netherlands

355 m2


Landmark office building Haagsche Zwaan, in The Hague, spans 18,000 square metres over 20 floors. The 73.5-metre structure extends 12 metres over the Utrechtsebaan, the gateway into the city.

We transformed the ground floor into a bustling meeting point for both tenants and visitors. The space features a trendy terraced café, flexible co-working areas, and an inviting event space, welcoming people to gather, enjoy a meal, or simply unwind, and breaking away from traditional office buildings

Inspired by the concept of Urban Meadow, the design emphasises the importance of nature, integrating vibrant greenery. Simultaneously, by creating an open and well-lit space, we’ve developed an inviting environment people are drawn to, infusing a sense of pride in the space for its tenants.

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