House of Arnhem & Groningen

Co-living with commons

House of Arnhem & Groningen are co-living buildings where young professionals between the ages of 23-35 can rent high quality, affordable apartments with shared common areas. Developed by Curlew, the ‘House of’ properties are located in top university towns paying special attention to the wellbeing and enjoyment of its residents. With this in mind, we were assigned to design and build a community space in the entrance hall of two apartment buildings. This common area had to feel like an extension of the inhabitants’ private living spaces and enhance the shared community feeling.

As soon as one enters the space, the home atmosphere sets in. Everyone can use the area in their own way, according to their needs. We created a multi-functional open space where you can meet new people or be on your own reading a book. This ‘community living room’ brings a new social dimension to the buildings from inviting your friends over to have a drink, to play ping pong, or to work. In this communal space different social developments and opportunities are instigated, further elevating the quality of life in the building.

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