IG&H Utrecht

Biophilic co-creation oasis


Utrecht, The Netherlands

1,700 m2


Our design for IG&H reimagines the workplace as a hub for nurturing creativity and innovation. The outcome is a space crafted to facilitate collaboration, departing from the typical configuration of traditional office buildings.

The interior shows our application of environmental psychology and biophilic design principles, resulting in a workspace that actively enhances the wellbeing of its occupants. The result is a park-like office landscape characterised by organic shapes. 

Conventional features such as suspended ceilings, straight plaster walls, and linear arrays of desks have been eschewed in favour of areas enriched by ample greenery, gentle curves, secluded nooks, and corners that serve collaborative endeavours or provide privacy. 

Overall, our design for IG&H has not only transformed the physical space but has also contributed to fostering more meaningful interactions among its employees.

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